« Edelsen supports clients on the road to success »

Using their extensive knowledge and experience, the founding partners of Edelsen
have taken a new approach to Chartered Accounting.

Beyond traditional accounting tasks, the aim of Edelsen is to work alongside leaders and their companies supporting and guiding them towards success. Personalised projects each with a unique and innovative set of management tools, strategic advice and introductions to expert partners to enable businesses to achieve their goals and envisage future growth.

- Our approach -

With proven experience within business world the founders of Edelsen have specific knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by companies. Which is why at each milestone the Edelsen team is there to support and guide business owners.

Strategic consulting

Working alongside business owners means understanding the issues and providing the best advice at the right time.

Edelsen places strategic consulting at the heart of its approach.
The strategic advice is both operational to meet immediate needs and decisions in the short term, but also strategic to allow the company and its leaders to anticipate and prepare for the future.

Edelsen offers its clients to implement management tools and reporting that enable the leader to have a clear, immediate and continuous situation of the company.
Edelsen follows the evolution of the company alongside the leader and can provide the most appropriate when the business really needs advices.

At the heart of the local and world economy

At the heart of the local and world economy, the partners of Edelsen are fully aware of the environment of their clients. This knowledge allows them to be first at their side to help them seize the best opportunities for development.

Edelsen collaborates with clients on a national level but is also able to assist them when they set out to conquer other markets worldwide.

Edelsen has the knowledge and expertise to collaborate with international clients and equally advise foreign companies and their subsidiaries on the implementation of their projects.

Partnerships with legal experts

Edelsen knows how important it is for the success of a project that professional accounting expertise and legal expertise are able to work together.

Edelsen has established a privileged partnership with the law firm Harold Avocats whose members share the same values and culture. Driven by the same vision, Edelsen and Harold have brought their skills together to meet the needs of their clients.

- Our expertise -

Create or Takeover

Edelsen supports its clients throughout their project to ensure it’s success and troubleshoot if necessary.

Surrounding a company with competent professionals reduces the risks for entrepreneurs and increases the chances of success.
The start-up phase is a crucial step for business owners. At this stage, many entrepreneurs meet challenges for which they are not prepared. Edelsen offers solid solutions and relevant tools to support the creation or takeover of companies.


The Partners of Edelsen have worked alongside their clients in a wide variety of complex situations.

Edelsen understands the challenges companies face and is able to intervene in crisis situations offering relevant and timely advice and helping the company to implement solutions. Focussing on prevention Edelsen is helping companies avoid firefighting.

Edelsen works to ensure that projects are successful; a risk assessement is carried out to ensure that all aspects of the project have been considered.

Innovate and Grow

Towards success, complex decisions have to be made with numerous obstacles. As with the development of the company, Edelsen works alongside the managers to meet these challenges.

Edelsen aims to give the executive management tools which will give the company stability and lead it to success.

Transfer of the company

Entrepreneurs devote their lives to creating value. They are driven by the two goals to enjoy the value they have created, and then pass this success to their children or successors.

Transmission or transfer are key events to be prepared over time. Edelsen works alongside its clients to ensure they maximize the value of their capital.

Accounting services

  • Establishment of legal tax returns
  • Establishment of reporting
  • Providing annual accounts and tax returns for the administration and the company board
  • Implementation of monitoring and management tools
  • Preparation and analysis of cash flow statements

Legal Service for the companies’ settlements

  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your project
  • Acquisition audit and evaluation of Target Company
  • Development of business plan
  • Financing plans and research funding
  • Choosing the legal, social and fiscal status
  • Drafting of statutes and administrative procedures
  • Implementation of management tools

Assignments, transmissions and financing transactions

  • Preparation and optimization of transmission operations
  • Reviews
  • Search buyers
  • Research and financial advice, financial partners

Fiscal management

  • Tax optimization
  • Assistance during tax audits
  • Asset management leader
  • Fiscal management of the family business transfer

Social management and payroll

  • Preparation of payroll
  • Monthly and quarterly statements social
  • Annual declarations

Statutory Auditors

  • Analysis of internal control
  • Audit of accounts
  • Restitution of our work and reports

Consolidated accounts

  • Consolidated financial statements under French GAAP, IFRS or U.S. GAAP.
  • Tax consolidation
  • Achievement of consolidated reports

- Your contacts -

Xavier Araud

Xavier Araud
Chartered Accountant – Auditor

With over 10 years of experience with groups from diverse sectors (Services, Commerce, Industry, Banking, Insurance…), Xavier focusses on procedures for the consolidation of accounts and audit missions.

Xavier is Chartered Accountant registered in the Loire Valley Order of Accountants and is registered with as an auditor with the Regional Company of Rennes. He graduated from ICS Bégué and has Master in European audit and expertise.

« Edelsen is providing a new concept of accounting by providing a broader vision of the needs of business leaders. »

Noémie Araud

Noémie Araud
Chartered accountant

Noémie has over 10 years experience in accounting. She has worked with French and international groups with a focus on the real estate sector.
Her command of English allows her to respond to foreign subsidiaries requirements and the establishment of periodic reports.

Noémie is a Chartered Accountant registered with the Loire Valley Order. She is also a graduate of the ICS Bégué, a renowned French Business school based in Paris.
Noémie is a member of the Association of Women Graduates of Accountancy Directors.

« We are aware that business leaders require a comprehensive and daily support, this is the positioning that we have chosen. »

- Contact -

58, rue de la Bastille
44000 Nantes – France
T +33 (0)2 55 11 60 15